Posted: July 21, 2017 10:25 AM

CNR Concept Challenge Finalists are Announced

ARLINGTON, Va. — Chief of Naval Research (CNR) Rear Adm. David J. Hahn announced the finalists of the CNR Concept Challenge — a historic call for innovative ideas to support the Navy and Marine Corps of the future — July 20 at the Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo.

Hahn issued the challenge in May to encourage Expo attendees to provide innovative ideas on how to keep naval ships, aircraft and personnel always at an advantage —and help Sailors and Marines either deter conflict or win decisively and return safely.

All idea submissions were reviewed by a team of subject matter experts within the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and finalists were announced during Hahn’s opening remarks at the Future Force Expo.

“The visionary ideas that we received from Challenge participants will enable us to get out in front of the rapid, ever-accelerating technology development and deployment cycle,” said Hahn. “With new advances taking place at breakneck speeds, across multiple domains, the ‘Navy and Marine Corps After Next’ truly is being created right now.”

The CNR Concept Challenge also aligns with Hahn’s new strategic direction — a Framework — for the U.S. Navy’s continuum of research and development.

Details of the CNR’s guidance were shared with Expo attendees via a new document on the way forward for naval research: “Naval Research and Development: A Framework for Accelerating to the Navy and Marine Corps after Next.” The document outlines processes for speeding new technologies from basic research into finished products, and into Sailor or Marine hands.

The CNR Concept Challenge finalists are:

■ Robert Yurko and Patrick Henning, for developing an advanced, portable fluid-analysis lab.
■ Lei Zuo, for creating an energy-harvesting backpack.
■ Benjamin Conley, for enhancements to existing thermal-imaging capabilities.
■ Joe Kennedy, for a prototype system that assesses various sources of position, navigating and timing data.
■ Shanelle N. Foster, for 3D printing of magnetic cores for electrical motors.
■ Harrison E. Holmes, for creating low-cost solutions for additive-manufacturing metals.
■ Jack Zaientz and Eric Martinson, for research developing anticipatory service robots.
■ Jim Coward, for a supercontinuum laser source for shipboard protection.
■ Martin Kearney-Fischer, for the HERMES autonomous aerial cargo delivery vehicle.

The Expo is co-sponsored by the American Society of Naval Engineers.

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