Cutter Delivers Water to Alaska Residents Experiencing Waterline Failures

Coast Guard Cutter Hickory crewmembers offload pallets of water in a humanitarian effort to deliver goods to the small community of Angoon, Alaska, Feb. 14, 2021. U.S. Coast Guard

KODIAK, Alaska — The Coast Guard Cutter Hickory crewmembers delivered pallets of water to the remote community of Angoon, Alaska, on Feb. 14, after the residents experienced waterline failures, the Coast Guard 17th District said in a Feb. 16 release.  

The cutter crew loaded four pallets of water onto the ship with each pallet containing 1,700 bottles and delivered the supplies to Angoon Sunday evening. 

Along with the nearly 7,000 bottles of water being delivered, the Hickory crew reportedly had 8,000 gallons of potable water onboard that could be offloaded to the residents if needed. 

Coast Guard District 17 Command Center watchstanders received a call Saturday afternoon from the Alaska Emergency Operations Center requesting assistance in delivering the pallets. 

Angoon, a small community with a population of 400, is experiencing waterline failures resulting in one third of the community being completely without water while the rest of the residents have been advised to boil water before consumption. 

There was no water available at the local store and commercial services are not available to deliver water until late next week. The waterline failures are expected to last for a couple of weeks. 

The Hickory is a 225-foot sea-going buoy tender homeported in Homer, Alaska.