Leonardo DRS to Extend GE LM2500 Gas Turbine Packaging for U.S. Navy

ARLINGTON, Va. — Leonardo DRS Inc. has extended its LM2500 Gas Turbine packaging supply agreement with GE’s Marine Solutions through the end of 2024, with an option to extend through 2029, the company announced in a Jan. 16 release.

This strategic agreement covers the manufacture of GE-designed LM2500 packages for U.S. Navy and selected international platforms. For the three LM2500 engine sizes (LM2500, LM2500+ and LM2500+G4), Leonardo DRS provides the baseplate, enclosure, and a fully instrumented, wired and piped package for turbine start and fire protection systems. It represents a continuation of the long and successful relationship with GE which started in 2011. This relationship recently reached a significant milestone when Leonardo DRS recently delivered its 100th LM2500 enclosure package.

“The long-term partnership between GE and Leonardo DRS has provided our U.S. Navy customer with high-quality gas turbine package systems giving the needed power and propulsion for our country’s naval fleet,” said Greg Reed, senior director for business development of the DRS Naval Power Systems Group. “This agreement continues that strong partnership between Leonardo DRS and GE’s Marine Solutions to ensure our customer receives the best quality systems.”

Leonardo DRS builds naval power systems to meet stringent U.S. military and GE specifications and quality requirements. DRS ships the U.S. Navy packages to GE in Evandale, Ohio, where the gas turbine is inserted, and the package is subjected to full-load production qualification testing.