Navy’s Next Tomahawk Missile: Block 5

A Tomahawk cruise missile launches from the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Shoup during a live-fire exercise. U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class William Collins III

ARLINGTON, Va.— Raytheon Missile Co. will build a new block upgrade of the Tomahawk cruise missile for the U.S. Navy even as the company takes older missiles into a recertification program to return them to service.

“Tomahawk has returned to production [after a one-year gap],” said Chris Daily, Raytheon’s Tomahawk program manager, speaking to reporters May 7 at the Sea-Air-Space Expo in National Harbor, Md. “All production beginning in fiscal ’20 will be Block 5.”

“Tomahawk will be in the fleet until the 2050s.”

Chris Daily,
Tomahawk program manager at RAYTHEON

He said the fiscal 2020-2021 production — 90 missiles per year — will emerge as Block 5 versions.

The Block 5 version is an upgrade of the Block 4 Tomahawk, with upgrades such as navigation and communications improvements.

A subversion, Block 5A, will be the Maritime Strike Tomahawk (MST), equipped with a multimode seeker that retains a land-attack capability.

“The MST is going to be a great addition to the fleet,” Daily said.

Another, the Block 5B, will be a Block V armed with the Joint Multiple Effects Warhead and will be fielded in 2024-2025.

Daily said the Block 4 Tomahawks being recertified after 15 years in service also will emerge as Block 5 versions. The first deliveries will occur in 2020. “Tomahawk will be in the fleet until the 2050s,” Daily said.