Pentagon Allocates $31 Million to Shore Up Shipbuilding Industrial Base

ARLINGTON, Va. — As part of the national response to COVID-19, the Defense Department entered into a $31 million agreement with North American Forgemasters under Title III of the Defense Production Act, the Defense Department said in a July 31 release.   

This investment will sustain and increase critical industrial base capability for domestic production of ultra-large iron and steel forging in support of the U.S. Navy and Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.  

Using funds authorized and appropriated under the CARES Act, these Title III funds will enable North American Forgemasters to maintain and protect a skilled workforce during the disruption caused by COVID-19 while strengthening a vital domestic industrial capacity to produce ultra-large iron and steel forgings through infrastructure investments and development of specialized tooling. 

It is critical to national defense that North American Forgemasters and their affiliated companies remain viable and working to ensure the U.S. Government receives dedicated long-term industrial capacity to meet the needs of the nation for ultra-large iron and steel forging.  

North American Forgemasters headquarters is in New Castle, Pennsylvania, which is the principal place of performance.