Royal Navy Seeks U.S. Coast Guard Help in Training Ship Crews

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Coast Guard is seeking volunteers to help the U.K. Royal Navy train its engineering Sailors on board the Royal Navy’s ships. 

In a Nov. 27 message from Coast Guard headquarters, the service has solicited 11 personnel to fill engineering billets on Royal Navy ships and one other person — a yeoman, to provide shore-based administrative support for the 11 engineers. The 11 engineering personnel requested include three chief or first-class electrician’s mates, two chief or first-class machinery technicians, five first-class machinery technicians, and one damage controlman. 

The message said the Coast Guardsmen would be assigned “for a three-year tour with the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy (UKRN), on Royal Navy vessels. The UKRN has requested USCG support to help raise the level of engineering proficiency and specialty knowledge in the fleet.” 

Upon arrival in the United Kingdom, the Coast Guardsmen “would complete three months of orientation and training followed by sea assignments. There will only be one USCG member attached to each UKRN ship,” the message said. 

The Coast Guard has provided such personnel for Royal Navy ships in previous years.