Terma, Chemring Team Up for Step Change in Antiship Missile Defense

PARIS — Terma A/S, as a market leader in ship defensive systems, and Chemring Countermeasures, as a world leader in 130 mm naval countermeasures, have teamed up to develop a complete soft-kill solution for surface unit defense, the companies said in an Oct. 24 release.

By integrating Terma’s C-Guard defensive aid suite and Chemring’s Centurion fully trainable 130 mm launcher, both capable of deploying a range of off-board expendable decoys, a scalable system has been developed to offer a step change in the antiship missile defense (ASMD) capability. This scalable system offers the maritime commander greater operational awareness and survivability in the contemporary battle space.

“The combined system solution offered by Terma and Chemring enhances soft-kill capabilities through refined and dynamic threat evaluation followed by accurate payload placement to maximize the decoy effect, providing the maritime commander with a balanced response by deploying the right decoy in the right position at the right time,” said Mogens Nørregaard Cramer, Terma director for naval sales.

Terma has more than 25 years of experience protecting naval platforms from above and below water threats and offers the C-Guard system for effective protection against coordinated multithreat/multidirectional attacks by missiles and torpedoes.

C-Guard relies on combat proven 130 mm decoy rounds. Rapid response and constant threat evaluation are key in building a multilayered, 360-degree defense to defeat multiple coordinated attacks. C-Guard is integrated with major combat management systems, and more than 200 C-Guard systems are currently in operation worldwide.

“Extending C-Guard with the Chemring Centurion fully trainable 130 mm launcher provides both existing and new C-Guard customers with an upgrade path to the benefits offered by a trainable launcher capability,” said Andy Hogben, business director, Chemring Countermeasures.

This capability is realized to the full in larger platforms where the 130mm round in combination with the trainable launcher provides fast and accurate deployment of countermeasure rounds matched to offer platform protection against the anti-ship missile threat.

C-Guard may be deployed on naval platforms using any combination of the existing fixed launchers and/or the Centurion launcher. The trainable capability optimizes missile countermeasure performance in the anti-air warfare domain, whilst also offering a hard point for launching a range of off-board expendables to provide capability in antisurface warfare, antisubmarine warfare, antiair warfare and C4ISR disciplines.

The combination of fixed and trainable launchers offers increased capability and flexibility to the maritime commander enabling prioritization of decoy load out to maximize platform protection.